The guitar is made from hondurian mahogany. I use more dense tonewood for the throug-neck and light parts for the upper body bout. The upper bout is quite long to provide a profund bass response. At the backside the section behind the bridge is carved into a twang section. The lower bout of the body is chambered.

All the hardwood parts are made from selected ciricote, such as fingerboard, headstock cover, jack plate cover bridge and binding.

This guitar is my first model with a 24 3/4 inch scale.

The though-neck allows access to the higher frets.
    A bridge made from Ciricote rests on two studs to allow a proper setup of the action. The ciricote brigdge has a core of aluminium which contains all the threads and bores for the studs.
    You can adjust the neck curvature with a two-way truss rod. The access of the truss-rod is a high dense carbon tube which reaches into the neck as a reinforcement for the headstock joint.
    This jack plate is a solid aluminium plate covered with ciricote. The metric mounting srews rest in thread inserts in the body. The threads won't wear of and the jack plate will stay where it is supposed to be when you stumble across the cable.
    The machines are Gotoh Stealth tuner, they are mounted in the in carbon tubes in the headstock which are reducing friction. All the little screws are mounted into a ciricote inlay to provide a proper fit and hold.