This is maybe the most sophisticated birdfish I have ever made; the blackbirdfish has one set of tone bars from Alpine Maple and another one from Swietenia Mahagony. The neck is made from Hardrock Maple. You can's see that? Well all of the wooden parts are covered with a 1.5 mm cover from black ebony but it's not veneered:

I carve out the space for the tone bars from Maple or Mahagony into two solid ebony blocks. Later I glue the tonebars into the ebony halfs and shape the ebony. The result is that the tone bars look like solid ebony but sound like Swietenia. Or like Alpine Maple.

The pickups are coverd with ebony as well. All metal parts are chrome plated and eventually you will see only matt black ebony and chrome.

July 28, 2019
    copyright by Ulrich Teuffel