The antonio comes with the flight case, a pair of Schaller Security Locks and an extended tool set.
guitar dimensions
  length: 1020 mm (40.16 inches)
width: 405 mm (15.94 inches)
thickness: 68 mm (2.68 inches)

case dimensions
(inlcluding handles and wheels)
  length: 1150 mm (45.27 inches)
width: 475 mm (18.70 inches)
thickness: 150 mm (5.90 inches)

scale lenght
  628 mm (24.75 inches)

  sides from Swietenia (honurian mahagony)
throughneck construction
bindings from Ciricote

  throughneck from Swietenia (honurian mahagony)
symmetrically V-shaped
fingerboard from Ciricote

neck thickness
  22 mm (0.79 inches) at the 1st fret
23,8 mm (0.90 inches) at 16th fret

neck width
  43.5 mm (1.71 inches) at the nut
56.0 mm (2.20 inches) at the 22nd fret

fretboard radius
  228 mm (9") at the nut
300 mm (12") at the 22nd fret

  Jim Dunlop #6105
22 frets

  1 humbucker AlNiCo2
split switch

guitar weight
  3.5 kg (7 lbs)
string setup
  10"-46" Pyramid Nickel Plated


copyright by Ulrich Teuffel