The pickups of the birdfish are easily movable and interchangeable by hand. All in all there are five different pickups available: two single coils and three humbuckers. The character of the single coils is vintage. The tone of the humbuckers are like a P90, a PAF and a hot PAF. Each pickup can be placed in every position.

For the pickups I use AlNiCo Magnets which are custom-made according to my requirements. All the pickups were wound and tuned in my workshop.
The pickups can be slid onto the pickup-rail easily. You only have to move the little slider beneath the pickup. The friction of the slider can be adjusted with a little screw.
The little knurled nut locks the pickup shaft. At the same time the nut allows adjusting the height of the pickups. You can turn the pickup by loosening the hex bolt at the shaft.
A wire harness connects all pickups with the control box. The connectors are 2.5 mm plugs from Switchcraft with mini-jacks in the pickups.

These little screws are there to tilt the pickup rail towards the treble string or the bass strings.

    All wires are high-end teflon-shielded sound conductors with silver cores. The wire is shielded twice. A military screwed joint connects the wire harness and the control box safely.
  The control box carries volume and tone control as well as the Swithcraft 1/4"output jack. The pickups are switched with a Megaswitch from Schaller:
Bridge / bridge+middle / middle / middle+neck / neck.
  The clamping screw allows varying the position of the control box. You can adjust the perfect position for the volume control.