Steve P. Fjestad   “While the 20th century had Les Paul and Leo Fender paving the way for guitar innovations and cost reductions, Uli Teuffel can certainly claim to be the most innovative and influential guitar designer so far in the 21st century. All his designs are completely unique, and are not just guitars. They become musical artwork, no different than a painting or a sculpture. I have a lot of guitars, but whenever people see my Birdfish, it’s all they can talk about!”

S.P. Fjestad, Publisher, Blue Book of Electric Guitars

Bob Gamble   "My Dear Ulrich,
As you know I have owned my Birdfish for many years. I still look upon it with awe. It is a beautiful work of art that gives pleasure just looking at it, but as a guitar it is unlike any other. I have over 50 exotic and elite guitars in my collection and the Birdfish is unlike anything I have ever played. Its versatility and playability are astounding. It feels gorgeous to play and sounds amazing. I have rocked with it, played blues with it, covered jazz with it, played live and recorded in the studio with it; and any time anywhere it is way up there with and beyond the very best guitars in the world. And all that from a left hooker - who would have thought it?"

Marian Gradinarski  

David K. Liskin   "Dear Ulrich,
Perhaps the most deserving praise comes from Enzo Ferrari when he discussed his creation the Ferrari.  He said about the "Bella Machina:"........"in my cars {instruments} you can feel the presence of the human hand"   This is lost in todays world.  I am grateful we still have the cars of Ferrari and the guitars of Teuffel.

P.S.:  Everyone who sees and plays your creation is touched by the wonderfulness of it all. I have a 1957 Strat and the Birdfish sounds BETTER."

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